Up Your Productivity!

Smartphones put a lot of power in the palm of your hand, but they can often lead to less productivity if you don’t use them right. Here are 5 great apps that help you get the most from the computer in your pocket.

Workflow (iOS): Connects and automates processes in apps already on your phone. What does that mean? Well, you can automatically call an Uber to get you to the next appointment in your Calendar, search for the lyrics to the song that’s playing, or map your route home, all at the touch of a button. You do certain tasks repeatedly – instead of manually plugging them in each time, have Workflow do them for you!

Feedly: Organize your blogs, feeds, and news sites, all in one place. If you’re manually surfing your favorite sites each morning to get your news and updates, you’re doing it wrong! Set up Feedly one time, and scroll through all your updates in one place. No update that day? Don’t waste time clicking over to the site to find that out – Feedly only shows you what’s new.

Google Drive: Access all your documents wherever you are, and don’t waste your phone’s precious hard drive space by preloading everything you might ever need there. You can keep word documents, spreadsheets, and slides in the cloud, and call them up on your phone from a meeting, from the grocery store, or from the waiting room at your doctor’s office.

Slack: Keep all of your communication in one place. Life gets messy when you have conversations via email, Facebook Messenger, and text messages. Instead, keep all your communications and documents in one easily searchable place. Need to remember what your boss told you to change on that presentation earlier today? Simple. Search Slack.

Evernote: Like Slack’s sibling, Evernote allows you to collect and reference information that you stumble on during the day, or save things that you need to reference later. Additionally, you can share information to discuss with colleagues or friends, and even present it. Collect all of your notes in one place instead of scribbling on post-its, and Evernote will be your backup memory.