Samsung Galaxy S7 Pink Line Defect

It’s not often that wireless manufacturers have to issue a statement or recall of one of their devices, but just months after the Exploding Samsung Note 7 Debacle of 2016, Samsung devices are under scrutiny again. This time, consumers are reporting what is referred to as a pink line display problem, pictured here:

samsung galaxy s7 pink line defect

While device owners once thought the pink line display issue was a software defect, Samsung claims it occurs because of damage to the device. According to a Tech Times article detailing the Galaxy s7 display issue, Samsung reported that the pink line appears randomly as a result of being dropped, regardless of whether the screen breaks or not. “Samsung has shared that the reason behind the appearance of the vertical purple stripe is because of damage to the device’s internal circuits, which are responsible for controlling the screen’s direction,” says reporter Anu Passary. However, many Galaxy S7 users insist they haven’t dropped or damaged their devices; the pink line showed up randomly during regular usage.

Until the real cause is determined, Fix It Fast wants customers to understand that this is a manufacturer defect. If you experience this issue, and your device has NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE, we recommend that you take your device back to where you originally purchased the it for a manufacturer warranty/exchange. On the other hand, if you’ve dropped or damaged your screen, our expert technicians can replace the screen and offer warranty for the new replacement screen. Please note that even with a new replacement screen, there is a possibility that the pink line can return if the cause is software related. If you do experience the pink line display issue again, remember, this IS NOT an issue with our repair or with the technician. The good news is, we can replace the screen through our warranty program if there is no damage to the digitizer and keep you going until Samsung offers a resolution.

Still not sure what to do about the pink line on your Samsung Galaxy s7 screen? Fix It Fast techs have all the details and can help you with next steps. Visit the nearest Fix It Fast location for your personal consultation.

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7 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S7 Pink Line Defect”

  1. I have the Galaxy S7 Active, I too have the same problem, along with my home screen bleeding through any page I have open. If it was a dropped problem (which I have not), then 100’s of thousands of people would not be experiencing this. It is a manufacturing problem. With this and my washer/dryer problems, I’m 100% sure I’m leaving Samsung.

  2. James Coash

    This is now my 4 warranty on my s7 active. Every single one of the got the pink line thru it. This is becoming ridiculous. The first 3 happened in the first 6 months, this last one lasted a little over a year. Get your shot together samsung.

  3. Literally I have the same problem I have never dropped my phone or anything but there is still a pink line.I tried the dialpad and it DOES NOT work 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I’m now an apple user

  4. Randolph Miller

    I called Samsung. They offered to repair it. They said they would send me a envelope with a return address label. They never did. I was under the impression the rep. attempted to blame the problem on a broken or cracked screen.

  5. Bryan Logie

    I have two phones. One new and one older. Both have the same pink line in the same place. The new one right out of the box has the pink line. I tried the one fix where you go to the keypad for the phone and put in *#0*# which brings up a screen and set colors RED, BLUE, GREEN several times and it worked for awhile. Then the pink line showed up again and this time I can’t get it to go away. No I have never dropped the phone.