Instrument repair for band

Damaged instrument? Need repairs before your next gig? We've got you covered with musical instrument repairs. Our technicians are musicians, too. So we understand you can't be without your instrument for 2 weeks or more.* Fix It Fast provides quick, affordable maintenance and repairs on musical instruments, with turn around for most repairs in 24-48 hours.**

Common Repairs
>Guitar Repairs: Guitar re-string, Pick up wiring/replacement, In/output jack replacement
>Pedal Repairs / Modifications: DC jack upgrade, Switch replacements, Component upgrades (caps, resistors, diodes)
>Amp Repairs: Speaker Replacement, Cap job (filter capacitors), Knobs and switches, Power cables, Fuses, In/Output Jacks
>and More!

Repair pricing varies based on instrument, model and repair needed, but typically runs $40/hr labor plus cost of parts. For questions on your instrument, please call the closest Fix It Fast muscial instrument repair shop.

*Average wait for instrument repair at local music stores.

**Some repairs may require special parts orders. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. Expedited shipping can be requested in most cases.