Cyber Bullying 101

What exactly is cyber bullying?
Cyber bullying that is translated and manifested through internet applications and technology such as internet messaging.

Cyber Bullying is SERIOUS
-30% of online teens have been cyber bullied
-Girls are more likely to be targeted by cyber bullying
-Can negatively effect social, emotional and physical health of child/teen

-Sending mean or threatening emails, IMs, texts, online messages
-Tricking someone into revealing embarrassing information and sending it to others
-Using websites to rate peers as prettiest/ugliest, etc.

Cyber bullying can develop into an extremely complicated and uncontrollable situation if not addressed. When kids and teens know how to protect themselves online, they are capable of avoiding cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be more toxic and destructive than traditional bullying because it is far-reaching and at times seemingly inescapable.

Ways to prevent/deal with cyber bullying:
-Report threats of harm to the police
-Prevent communication by blocking email addresses/phone numbers/deleting social media accounts
-Find support through family and friends
-Teach your kids to stay safe with technology and not participate in cyber bullying.
-Teach your kids to be polite and constructive netizens.