5 Apps for Keeping Your Family Safe

With the rise of cell phones comes an influx of smart ways to keep your family safe. If you have an active and wired family, read on for a roundup of a few apps that might just solve one of your worries.

Lassy Project
Faster than an Amber alert, this FREE app allows parents to notify their networks and communities of missing children within seconds. Parents can help find other missing kids, and alerts include a photo and last known geo location info. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android)
Download Lassy Project (iOS and Android)

Beyond simply tracking GPS location of your family members, this app uses a digital “breadcrumb trail” to record driving speeds of teenagers. You can even set a geo fence and get notified if you child travels beyond their safe zone. (Free to download, service requires $8.95 monthly subscription; iPhone, Android)
Download SecuraFone (iOS or Android)

Find My Friends
This FREE app comes standard on iOS devices. After a simple one-time set up, you can track the GPS location of your family members. No more texting your husband to see if he’s left work yet—you can see for yourself! It also helps locate a missing phone! (Free, iPhone, iPad)

Most people know that ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. Instead of simply saving contacts with the moniker, this app allows you to save extensive profiles of your family members, including doctor and hospital preferences, medical conditions, and even attorney contacts. A free version called ICE iEmergency LITE is also available, but it only allows for three profiles with limited information. ($2.99; iPhone, iPad)
Download iEmergency ICE Family PRO on iTunes

This extensive security system includes mobile monitoring, the ability to arm/disarm the system remotely, turn lights off and on, and watch live and recorded video. What’s more, parents can even get alerts when the kids get home from school or when someone is in the liquor or medicine cabinets. (Free to download, service requires Alarm.com subscription; iPhone, iPad, Android)
Download Alarm.com for iOS or Android